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composite index house exterior climbing wall
Carrie bicycle basket, blackToldbod 120, Black berriesdesignforyou-4.jpgAlbertSteamliner
While little feverish Tiny is sleeping next to me on the sofa, I have some time to surf. I totally fell in love with the activity-wall in the top photo. I´m going to take the idea with me onto our "project-new-house". For image source, just click on the photos. (If it doesn´t work, I have a job to do...)

2 kommentarer:

Ella sa...

youre blog is beautiful! you have a great eye for design :)

Makeminemidcentury sa...

Yeah, love the climbing wall. My three would love that!

Even love that brown-cloudy wallpaper.

I hope Tiny gets better - nothing worse than a fever.

Good work Konfettiform!