Sunday lovin´ sunday

© Konfettiform

Running around taking pictures in between everything that´s been going on today... Well, I must say this blog-thing is getting serious, and I can´t help but laugh at myself. " I will post a sunday photo in Fabriken today!" And I made it... Bottom left photo shows the shelf I´ve decorated today for Tiny´s (our two-year old) room. I´ve used linen-canvas and some wallpaper. I wanted to keep the natural feeling of the pale wood, so I deliberately left a few squares open. The cupboard shot shows the status of my de-clutter project. Yes, I´m actually getting somewhere, and it feels good :)

3 kommentarer:

Zyprezz sa...

Love the shelf! Nice idea with the glass.

Ingrid :)

Suzy sa...

Beautiful photographs, great shelves !

KonfettiForm sa...

Thanks, both of you. Trying to fulfill my "housewife" duties. De cluttering is part of it, and it helps having something creative to do as well :)