Fall in love...

...with this home in Vance on the outskirts of the French Riviera. I immediately started dreaming of summer! What I love most about this place is the kitchen. Since we´ve just finished the drawing for our new house (yay!), I had my first appointment yesterday planning the kitchen. The colors in the kitchen above was something I had in mind. A stone countertop, white cupboards with a contrasting black + elements of wood. Well, these photos certainly have me dreaming. Have a closer look in the online magazine EST Magazine.

Via French by Design

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Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture sa...

What I love most about this space is that dreamy sofa X 2! I can imagine many a naps taken there to simply be refreshed and awoken by that gorgeously lush greenery in the background...amazing landscape, gorgeously minimal interior- Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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KonfettiForm sa...

I agree, the sofas are so inviting!! Enjoy your weekend.
Thanks for stopping by, Love, Lena.