Stunning bathroom

Found in Elle Interiør no. 7, 2010

The simplicity of this bathroom made my jaw drop! Clean lines and beautiful accessories makes it warm and welcoming. Organic shapes in the form of the round vases, green stems, and old mirror with tons of character, linen towels... Functional and timeless. I want a bathroom like this! Although from last year, it´s  this years favorite. Here is a few other photos of the same apartment taken by photographers Wichmann+Bendtsen:

2 kommentarer:

agnes szucs sa...

yes, quite stunning!
i like this apartment, too.
i wonder if they can really make an apartment so almost absolutely b/w or the photos are mostly unsaturated.

lots of hugs, Lena!!!
:) :)

KonfettiForm sa...

I think they pulled the saturation down a little bit, just to get the "sting" in the photos.

Happy friday!!! ;) Love&hugs, Lena.