Stil inkludert

Tenk deg en helaften i dette antrekket. Superkomfortabelt med stil. Jeg kan like det.
NB! Følg med i kveld... Det blir giveaway her på bloggen, vi feirer 1 år :)

[  Imagine slipping into something as stylish and comfortable as this on a night out. I like it!
NB! Tonight you might want to stop by here again, I will announce a giveaway :)  ]

2 kommentarer:

agnes szucs sa...

she's always so stylish and glamourous... i even envy her a little. :P

don't worry, i'll enter the giveaway, only, i want to carefully chose "my" prize. :P :P

lots of love and hugs,

have an amazing weekend!

KonfettiForm sa...

So stylish, easy to get a envious... :)
So happy to see you´ve decided on the tape!
And I wish your weekend was good Agnes. L&H´s, Lena.