Showcase | photographer Irene Suchocki

These landscapes are not too different from what´s outside at the moment. It´s snowing. A lot. And it looks amazing.

4 kommentarer:

Cherry Blossom Blog sa...

Nyyyyydelig! Her er det også heeelt hvitt ute! Nyyyter!
Ha en herlig vinterdag! Klem fra meg

Sunrise sa...

Amazing blog, full of amazing pictures that inspire me! Your new follower:-) Jana

Mette sa...

love the fog. :) so magical!

KonfettiForm sa...

Cherry Blossom Takk, det HAR vært en herlig vinterdag. Deilig med snø! Klem.

Sunrise: Thank you for your kind words :)) Welcome as a new follower, and happy you left a comment. See you around :) Lena.

Muffin: ja, helt magisk :)