The ultimate rug

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I´m on the search for a carpet that will fit our living-room, a quest which has lasted about two years. We´ve lived with the bare wooden floors for quite a while, which is practical but oh so cold in the winter. A descent rug would do wonders for the acoustics as well as for the aesthetics, but I will not give up until I find just the right one. In my box of magazine-tearouts lies a dream though... It´s a picture of a rug from Kymo out of the Mashup-series, rugs designed by Eva Langhans and Thomas Follner. If you´ve seen a rug that looks something (even remotely) like one in the Mashup-collection, I would love to hear from you.

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Unknown sa...

Très beau blog aux jolies images
Chouette découverte

KonfettiForm sa...

Merci, Philippe :)
Gentil à vous de vous arrêter.