In need of a fresh start

I found these beautiful still lifes photographed by Jake Curtis over at Destined to Design today. Really lovely images, and so is the look of Jessica´s blog. Jessica Comingore has just changed her domain and the design of her blog and I´m wondering these days whether I should do the same. I´ve used Blogspot since I started, which has worked fine. But considering the benefits of owning your own blog, I´m probably creating a new domain.

I feel really inspired these days and I´m on the verge on making illustration a bigger part of my blogging (which was my original intention really, but as time moved on I got lost in the world of great design via other blogs). I´ve got a pretty good picture of how I want my own blog to look, and I will start writing in both norwegian and english again.

The question is, should I incorporate my illustrations here on Konfettiform, or do I create a separate blog/domain/homepage? What I know is for the layout to change, and make it cleaner (just like the example of Destined to Design). It´s similar to having a sketchbook. Konfettiform feels like a sketchbook and I don´t want to incorporate the sketchbook into the final product.

I´m really curious, would you like to see more illustration on this blog (my illustrations that would be) and would you follow if I moved on? I will still show you images which inspire me, but it will be a mix own my own work and what I find.

My mind is tumbling around in this creative bubble at the moment. I´m hardly looking around at other blogs since I´m more focused on creating my own stuff. And that´s a good thing! I guess if you are a creative person you´ll know what I´m talking about.

It feels so good to get this off my chest, and I´m guessing there will be more to come. There will be a change and a fresh start, one way or the other.

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agnes szucs sa...

:) :) :) Lena, thanks for trusting us with what's in your heart. absolutely go in the direction you feel you should...

a big YES for illustrations of your own!

i personally have no idea whether you should have your own domain, or whether there should be a different blog for the illustrations (but i guess there shouldn't... my idea with my own blog is to have the .com domain, which i already do, but keep running it on blogger, but i haven't switched to the other domain yet. :P... i guess Sarah Klassen does this, too, but i'm not sure.) on keeping a separate blog: if you feel that Konfettiform is 100 percent you, then i think it's perfectly okay to keep them together... but all of this is just my opinion, and i don't want to mix you up about this, so you just do what feels good for you.

i feel happy for your being enthusiastic and your starting to make illustrations... it is very inspirational to me, too!

lots of hugs,

KonfettiForm sa...

Long live enthusiasm :)!
Thank you for the encouragement and thoughts on the subject. I really appreciate your input, Agnes :)
Technically I´m really not sure how to go about the domain etc. but I think I will change to Typepad or Wordpress because of the design-possibilities. Then the host will be my own domain (I´m kind of guessing here, since I´m not really into that stuff Ha Ha ;)
I´ll see about Konfettiform... I feel I need to narrow things down subject-wise, but I still have some time to make a final decision on the matter. Back to some more thinking...
I´m happy that I can be of some inspiration, to Miss iiiinspiration herself ;)
See you around, lots of love and hugs, Lena.

agnes szucs sa...

:) :) :) :) :)
you are welcome... :) (i hope i didn't mix you up.)
i don't really know how that goes with WP... maybe it's worth asking around before switching (but you have to know that i'm that kind of person who will stick with the same old thing until some really big disappointment... like, for example i never switched bank or mobile company in my whole life, so i'm sure to stick with Blogger for quite a while.)(as a sidenote, as far as i know you can also have any design in Blogger, too... you can edit it's html, or write your own... and you still have the big support that is Google... whatever you publish, it's on Google that same second, and i'm not sure it's the same with WP or TP, but maybe if you'll use Google Webmaster Tools, then you can assure Google will crawl your server pretty soon after posting somthing (but i'm no expert on this)... on the other hand, i have to admit that there's a drawback of Blogger, namely, that "anything.blogspot.com" sounds rather unprofessional, given that it is free.)
that's enough of me for now. :P

(miss iiiinspiration... that made me laugh!)
(i'll be around.) :) :)

Tania Welch || indobay sa...

Yes, I would love to see your own illustrations!I agree and say go with what excites you. If it makes your heart happy it will absolutely transcend on your blog wherever, whatever that blog may be. I am also toying with the idea of using a different platform. However, it takes time to change over and customize which I am short of these days.

I will continue to follow no matter where you might move your blog. :)

KonfettiForm sa...

Thank you both for sharing your valuable thoughts! Happy you´re sticking with me :)
I ´ll wrap it up for the weekend and go home and do some more research on the technical blogger-bit. As far as adding my illustrations, I´ll go ahead no matter where. It is what my heart tells me, and I think you are right Tania, it will transcend.
Wish you both the best for the weekend! Love, Lena. :)