Alphaville look book


I find these images so adorable, and most of all the colored tights are so fresh. I probably wouldn´t wear a high-waisted dress, but I could go for those tights for sure. Can´t wait for spring!

Via Studio Home.

5 kommentarer:

julie digs design sa...

LOVE the bright hues!

Mette sa...

åh, elsket alle fire. :) nydelig!

KonfettiForm sa...

Good to hear Julie, it feels good with color now that spring is approaching :)

Ja, Muffin, det er jo også litt gult involvert her ;)

Kelly P. sa...

Love these! Makes me want spring to come that much more!

KonfettiForm sa...

Hi Kelly, spring is jwonderful :)) Happy you stopped by! L.