Happy weekend

Handmade furniture © BDDW

Soon... feet up! Happy weekend :)

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Meine Dinge Franka sa...

Interesting and wonderful blog!


KonfettiForm sa...

Thank you Franka :) Happy you stopped by!

agnes szucs sa...

i hope our weekend will be as long as and as nice as this sofa. but actually it will! :) monday and tuesday will be national holiady over here! :) :)

have a very nice weekend, dear Lena!!!
:) :)
lots of hugs,

fruU sa...

Herregud for en fin sofa.

KonfettiForm sa...

Agnes, hope you enjoy your looong weekend&national holiday!
And thanks, I will enjoy mine for sure :))
Love&hugs, Lena.

FruU, hyggelig at den falt i smak :)

Suzy sa...

What an amazing couch is that! The color, the details and the length, it's perfect.

KonfettiForm sa...

and they have so many other products worth having a look at. Real craftsmen ;)