Dagen i dag


Grafisk. Jeg har begynt å tenke på jul. Jeg funderer på hvilken måte jeg skal mikse inn jul i den grafiske trenden. Det blir mange utskrifter og papirklipp og jeg liker det.

[  Graphic stuff. I´ve started thinking about christmas. I´m thinking of how to combine christmas with black and white contrasts. ]

7 kommentarer:

Jane sa...

Nydelig med de grafiske stripene. Me like :0)

Elina sa...

Det låter fint det! klipp och pyssla :-)

Anabelle sa...

Hello Lena,

I found you through Mikodesign. You have a lovely blog :)

I'll come back for sure.

You're welcome to visit me here:

Have a great day!

Minna - Carefree Casualness sa...

Oo love them!! And your blog, beautiful photos and ideas. Very inspiring, thank you!!

Unknown sa...

Hello, Fantastic blog, very fresh, I was wondering if you know how or where to purchase these pencils from, I am very interested in owning a set. Any help would be much appreciated
Cheers, Ned.

KonfettiForm sa...

Hello Ned, sorry for not getting back to you earlier; I´ve had a serious blog-break... But I´m getting closer to returning now, so I might see you soon.
The pencils are from IKEA.

design traveller sa...

I'm waiting for the effects of your graphic-christmas brainstorming :)