Dream escape in the Swiss Alps

The Whitepod Resort | Photo by Nick Burns on Flickr

Apart from the view, this is similar to what we´ve got right outside our door at the moment. I still can´t help dreaming away of an escape to the heart of the Swiss Alps where you´ll find The Whitepod Resort located in the charming village of Les Cerniers. What a place. Perfect for two.

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Makeminemidcentury sa...

Two. It's my favourite number. It's four children less than six! Gorgeous! See you there ... after Italy.

KonfettiForm sa...

Yes, it´s an escape most suitable for two.. :)

Leave the high heels in Italy, and bring the skis. See ya! :)


Hallå där igen!
Tack för tipsen om pinterest!
Nu är jag lite mer på gång så snart ser du mig där. Har i alla fall registrerat mig så nu är det väl bara att sätta igång! Superkul!

KonfettiForm sa...

Hei Sofia, så fint at det var til nytte. Da gleder jeg meg til å se deg og dine pins :) Hei så lenge!