Inspiration for our future house from Dwell

For a reason unknown Pinterest has failed to show these images on my boards today. In order to saving them, I´ll simply save them here instead... When I´m searching for inspiration for our new home I look for structures, materials and built-in features, since we´re now at the stage of drawing the floorplan and considering which materials we´ll use.

I like the garden above for it´s use of natural stone in the landscape. The staircase was chosen for the stained wooden wall. I picture the staircase being a place for wear and tear, so a wooden wall can clearly stand frequent use. The kids Fatboy chairs just goes so well together with the rug. A perfect mismatch. The officespace has a nice touch of light-blue next to the dark cupboards. I don´t know yet if we´ll go for such a "strict" look, but I like drawers and cupboards since staying organized is important to me (us ;).

2 kommentarer:

Solid Frog sa...

Great inspiration, I love the picture with the blue rug.
Vad spännande att rita och bygga sitt eget hus!

Ha en underbar nyårsafton och en bra start på 2011!
Kram Mia

Emma Busk sa...

Gott nytt år!!