Inspiration exists

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Mette sa...

well said. :) man må gjøre en liten innsats selv også!

annton sa...

just what I've needed... a soft kick! thank you.

KonfettiForm sa...

Muffin: ja, det er jo realiteten :)

Annton: Good to hear, it gave me a kick too :) Happy you stopped by!


hviit sa...

ha ha ha... den hadde jeg posten i går også. To hoder, en sjel:)

agnes szucs sa...

haha... my big problem. :D :D

inaluxe sa...

ha ha ha - it's funny, but it's also so true! Have a great weekend Lena! loving your blog as usual. x K

KonfettiForm sa...

Hviit: ja, den satt :) Jeg er god på tankeoverføring ;)

Agnes, let Picasso whisper in your ear, and maybe he will have an effect and give you inspiration WHILST you are working ;)

Inaluxe, thanks, and I wish you a great weekend as well. Picasse had some clever things to say, and his paintings were not bad either :)

Love, Lena.

agnes szucs sa...

I'll let him do so, it's a promise! :) :) :)

lots of hugs, and an amazing weekend to you, Lena!