Snowflakes & Spirograph by Zim and Zou via Design Work Life

Evoke any memories? I remember a guy in my class had a Spirograph-set. He let me borrow it sometimes. He also had an amazing set of rulers. I was totally fascinated... and I still am twentyfive years later. Some things never change.

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Makeminemidcentury sa...

My brother had a spirograph. Whenever I did it, the plastic circles never stayed in place so it was a mess. I did love the coloured pens that came with the set, though.

KonfettiForm sa...

Is it a guys thing? It was mostly guys that had this wasn´t it? For us girls to use... Happy you enjoyed the pencils :)

Solid Frog sa...

Så fina, hade ingen egen men flera kompisar hade.
Tack för den fina kommentaren, ha en bra dag :)
Kram Mia

Unknown sa...

then and now
bought one
the other
hours of


agnes szucs sa...

i got one! :) but not from my childhood...i got it at the museum-shop of the MAK Vienna a year or so ago. i don't use it much tho, but it's just good to have one! it is called a hypotrochoid art set on the label. it's the same isn't it? :P :P

lots of hugs, Lena!!!

KonfettiForm sa...

Happy to hear how all of you have some kind of interest in this phenomena :D
Enjoy your weekend!

and Agnes, I believe it is the same ;P

Love&hugs, Lena.