Dries Van Noten

Just a quick five minute break to stop by to show you these. I love the colors and silhouette in the collection from Dries Van Noten for spring 2011. Change the blazer in picture one to black, and I could even wear the outfit now.

Tonight I´ll reveal who get´s my Cherry on top-award that I was so fortunate to receive from Cherry Blossom last week. And a small note at the end here: last weekend I did tell you I would spend less time in here due to lots of stuff going on. Well, "less" is all a matter of definition, so here I am blogging away... One thing is for sure, I´m not around so much though visiting all of your lovely blogs, but I will catch up later :)

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Ella sa...

dries van noten is one of my favorites! thank you for stopping by :)