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All artwork © Erin Flannery

From the Gold coast of Australia comes Erin Flannery, an artist who has been one of my absolute favorites since I discovered her at iiiinspired a while ago. Her style shows fashion and glamour but gets real and down to earth as it meets the roughness of street art-influences. There´s delicate lines, layers of paint next to blocks of white and black, textures and raw materials. I could not help falling in love.

Erin Flannery claims to be a lover of all things black, white, weird and wonderful. As she states she gets highly amused by ridiculously over-sized bags, jewelry, flashy brand names and killer trends. Thank you for that. I think the result is breathtaking. 

Here is how she describes her art: "I like to think of my style as illustration, street art and a hint of hand-stitching all meeting each other in a dark but lovely alleyway, getting on really well and deciding to throw themselves over a raw linen canvas!" Well, no need to be scared in this neighborhood.

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Unknown sa...

this is inspiring and beautiful work; love the soft watercolour ethereal wash quality inherent in these images. (xmas lovelies to you and yours)...


ahhh! fint, fint, fint.
Och jag som är på jakt efter mer till väggarna.
Men finns dem att köpa? Jättedyra säkert så det får bli en önskan...

Minna sa...

Nice pictures + your blog is beautiful and stylish

KonfettiForm sa...

Linda: happy to hear, and best wishes for the holidays for you and yours as well!

Sofia: Mange av bildene finnes å kjøpe, jeg ser det ligger noen linker inne på siden hennes. Ser de noen av arbeidene ligger på 150 dollar (australske?). Jeg tenker dette kan være noe å spare til for neste års julegave. Et bilde står ihvertfall høyt på ønskelisten! :)

Minna: Thank you, and happy you stopped by. See you soon (since I´m a regular over at Time of the A.... :)

E R I N sa...

awww you are so lovely!!! thank you SO much for this beauuuuutiful feature!

xx erin

agnes szucs sa...

:) :)
yes, she's absolutely amazing.
hugs, and a lovely weekend,

bubbles on my planet sa...

very pretty illustrations!
and very nice blog :)

KonfettiForm sa...

Erin: it is well deserved and I´m happy to see so many others appreciate your work as well. Look at the comments. :))

Hugs and best weekend wishes to you too, Agnes :)

Bubbles, thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. :)

Love, Lena.

E R I N sa...