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Vogue © Steven Meisel
© Tim Walker Photography
Here I am again, this must be my fourth or fifth post today, but after all this is where I gather inspiration! (Although, in this case, I really don´t see how I will use the inspiration from the two images above... But, who cares :)

When I discovered the cats at The Design Traveller today, I immediately thought of a picture I had shown at Just for the SHAPE of it. Is it just me, or do you see the connection as well? :)

4 kommentarer:

jamie@midcenturymania sa...

Oh yes! That is an amazing likeness. I think there is a message in Tim Walker's photo. Pull your claws in ladies. Good eye!

KonfettiForm sa...

I´m glad to hear, Madam :) There is something really fascinating about these normally independent (that look the same in this case) women and cats, dressed up like merengue, made to pose (willingly or unwillingly?). They bring up a hole lot of issues.
As I spend more time thinking about it, more comes to mind.
Enjoy your wednesday, MCMadam!

Solid Frog sa...

Vilka härliga inlägg :) Gillar verkligen interiören hos Stella Mc Cartney.
Kram Mia

Unknown sa...

Hei, i dag fant jeg bloggen din, så fantastisk fin den er. Her vil jeg komme inn å lese mere. Masse fine bilder og inspirasjon. Kikk gjerne inn til meg på bloggbesøk om du har lyst også. Ha en fin uke som kommer, hilsen Wilhelmines blogg.