House Doctor Everyday 2011

A new year means new collections. These two photos are my favorites from House Doctor. I´ve got a turquoise ceramic vase, and it would look so good with orange berries in it. The knife & fork-wrap gave me an idea. How about printing a pattern yourself, "recipe-style", and transfer it to a fabric napkin? Something graphic would suit me well. What would be printed on your napkin?

I know I said I wouldn´t be back here until sunday, but I´ve got two guys sleeping next to me on the sofa. One with a fever and one just tired from staying awake almost all of last night... While they are sleeping Ive got a minute online.

5 kommentarer:

inaluxe sa...

Hope everyone at your place is getting lots of sleep, and feeling much better. I like those napkins too. something wonderful and indulgent about napkins. If I bought some now I'd possibly get hand embroidered linen ones. They remind me of my mother and grandmother, and eating was always so much fun in my family growing up!

Makeminemidcentury sa...

Kisses to the fever forehead ... love that little blue vase ... you're right, turquoise and orange are a fabulous colour combination.

Vibeke sa...

herlige farger :)

masse god bedring til den lille!
stor klem

bubbles on my planet sa...

great patterns, I really like the first one!!

KonfettiForm sa...

Inaluxe: Thaks, things are going great. Almost back to normal!
Hand embroidered sounds lovely.There´s just something about handmade and good memories.
MMMC: Tiny is up and running. Can´t get enough kisses ;)
Takk, Butterfly!
Thank you Bubbles.
Enjoy your sunday! Love , Lena.