I´m in the middle of a de-clutter project in my kitchen. Inspired by Fru Fly, our kitchen is getting a mini-make over.
It´s the one room that´s remained unchanged since we moved in, and it´s about time it gets in shape. Besides from organizing, I´m even giving it a new coat of paint. My little award for myself for doing the job is a new lamp. The Leran-lamp from Ikea is getting a new cord, a Royal blue cord from the NUD Classic collection which I ordered from Hviit yesterday. I think it will look great!

3 kommentarer:

HiH sa...

Blir sikkert superfint! Blå er en god interiørfarge:) Blir ikke så fort lei.

vosgesparis sa...

How much fun you must have doing your mini make over ;) The lamp looks promessing too!

KonfettiForm sa...

Takk, jeg satser på at den blå ledningen skal friske opp ;)

Thanks Vosges P :)