Total Bliss

The first cup of coffee in the morning after a tasteful breakfast, especially on weekends, is my favorite. Right now I´m enjoying that particular cup before we head outside to ski and meet up with friends. I also couldn´t resist showing the beautiful photos above by Bliss. Aren´t they magical? If you are in need of even more eyecandy, head over to Hviit , where you´ll see the most awesome kids-bedroom. See you later, friends.

7 kommentarer:

Noamaja sa...

Oerhört vackert!

Vibeke sa...

totally loving it!

god skitur,

Annika-GreyMatter.blogspot.com sa...

Grattis till månadens inspiratör på Fabriken! Så kul. Verkligen härligt.

design traveller sa...

Stunning photography, what a great eye for detail! It is not so easy to see so much beauty around us in everyday life... it requires amazing talent :)

KonfettiForm sa...

Noamaha / Butterfly / Design traveller:
yes, stunning. The most beautiful colors!

Annika: takk, du gjøre meg glad :) Og koselig du stakk innom her. Klem, Lena.

Mette sa...

fantastisk vakre bilder. :) Helt nydelig stemning!

KonfettiForm sa...

Takk, og helt enig med deg, Muffin ;)