La Vestiaire de Jeanne

All I can say is that I totally love these products and VDJ design. Shop for Home products here. Clothes here and here.

5 kommentarer:

Cherry Blossom Blog sa...

Jeg ooog!
Har kjempe cravings for veskene derifra!
Very chic :)
Ha en heeerlig dag!
Klem fra meg

KonfettiForm sa...

Tres Chic!! :)
Jeg drømmer meg bort i alt de har, og veskene er rå!
En fin dag til deg også! Klem, L.

E R I N sa...

black and white!
my fav... surprise surprise :)

i love seeing black and white things in colour photographs, rather than just turning the whole photograph into a black and white image.

black and white is the best :)

does that make sense?! i hope so!!

Cez sa...

that is a great website!!! Love it...

KonfettiForm sa...

Erin, I couldn´t agree more. And it´s no surprise when you say black and white are your faves ;) Love your hands-paintings by the way. And that shouldn´t be a surprise either ;))

Cez, happy you say so. It is worth exploring (and their blog as well).