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Weheartit via Seesawdesigns | Design for James Moes by Exavier Encinas | Gostlings on Flickr | Design by Xavier Encinas
Design by Jamie Lawson for Celine Kim | Kenty Chen on Flickr | Photographer Victor Sjodin | Illustrator Lauren Nassef

5 kommentarer:

Ella sa...

totally love the clean white aesthetic of all these images :)

hope you're doing well!

Solid Frog sa...

Åh, bilden med katt-tassarna är underbar! Trevlig helg, Kram Mia

anna k. sa...

These pics take me to rest - badly needed! Lovely (just love the cat feet :) !

agnes szucs sa...

Beautiful collection, Lena... i love the serenity of these images.

have a very nice weekend!
lots of hugs,

KonfettiForm sa...

Great to hear from all of you. Hope your weekend was a good one :) Love, L.