Art, what is art to me?

A house full of stairs by Rock that horse | Artist Markus Hofer via Yatzer | 2 x Petra Bindel at Agent Bauer

A casually displayed postcard, a wall-hung tray next to a framed sketch. A small print of an upcoming artist. Art by accident, an interesting texture on display. Kids-drawings... Art should make me feel good as long as it´s in my home. Wherever there is beauty. Beauty to me.

3 kommentarer:

Cez sa...

wow!!! the broom on canvas is stunning!!!! Great!!!

vosgesparis sa...

I like your look on art!

KonfettiForm sa...

Cez, I liked it too. It makes me smile and wonder and smile again :)

Thank you V.P. :))

Have a great thursday, both of you! L.