Poster with layered type

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LeLo sa...

oh, wow – Great!

Unknown sa...

love typography
(love your new look too)
boy thought my eyes were
trying to focus
on this piece!


KonfettiForm sa...

I´m totally fascinated too, what a great idea and a good looking result!

Linda: where´s your glasses now? ;)
And thanks, layout is a continuous process. Need some change around here..


Anonym sa...

Den var spesiell, og veldig fin! :)

agnes szucs sa...

love it! it could be made into an illustration, too. and i guess it's Clarendon, another favorite!

have an amazing week, Lena!!! :)
love and hugs,

KonfettiForm sa...

Clarendon it is, you´re absolutely right :)
I love this idea.
I wish you a great week too! And hope you had some nice days off.
Love and hugs, Lena. :)

KonfettiForm sa...

Ja, ikke sant Allis? :)