Skulpturelt fra Scheltens Abbenes

Jeg er totalt fasinert av arbeidene til Scheltens & Abbenes.

[  I´m totally fascinated by the work of Scheltens & Abbenes  ]

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agnes szucs sa...

i havent seen those new york times photos yet! they are sooo good! i really love their graphic thinking.

lots of love, dear Lena!

your support is priceless, (even tho sometimes i hate myself now for not being hardworking enough... but i don't want to dump all this on you... i'll get a diploma, that's for sure, :) the only bad thing is that i have to compromize with myself because of my own laziness.)
your support is really, really priceless! I thank you so much.

Have fun with your various projects over the weekend!

love, love, love,

KonfettiForm sa...

Their work is fantastic. So artistic and such amazing craftsmanship!

Laziness can be caught up with in other ways, I guess. I believe there will be opportunities later when work comes along... I´m exited to see what you come up with for your final assignment (although it might just be your "second best"...) I´m still keeping my fingers crossed here :)
Lots and lots of love back, Lena ;))