Random inspiration for house

Sisters Agency via Harmoni og Kontrast | Arkitekthus via Davidreport
Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg via Arch Daily
Leaf print tables from Holmes Wilson via Style files | Elle Decor via Full House

We have got some big decision making to do, and will probably spend the whole weekend discussing the house. These are some of the images I´ve sourced out as inspiration. I´ve got a pretty clear idea about what the house should feel like inside, but we still have to decide about the roof. Flat or not?
I wish you all a happy weekend! See you monday (or sunday if the opportunity comes along).

5 kommentarer:

Maria Riazzoli sa...

Fin, fin, fiiiin inspiration! Lycka till med takvalet! Kram från mig

Unknown sa...

I like any house that has out-of-the-ordinary details...love the openness of the first pic!
xox alison

KonfettiForm sa...

Takk Maria ;)

Happy to hear, Alison. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
I´ll take some time to look through all that lovely lingerie soon.

inaluxe sa...

All those images are just so striking - love them all! Good luck on the roofing decision... so many choices, and none are bad, just depends on everything else doesn't it! ha ha.

Needless to say - it is so exciting, and can't wait to see some photos of your place when it is done?

Happy New Year too! May it be extra excellent, and awesome.

KonfettiForm sa...

Inaluxe, thank you. And I´m not surprised we share the taste ;)
I think we hit a lucky strike. Just found a perfect example of a house, with the perfect facade and construction. I think we are close to deciding ;)
I will you show you more later. The house probably won´t be finished and ready to move in in a year or so. We won´t start until spring. But I´m sure I´ll dig up some photos along the way. Now we have to wait for the snow to disappear...